ProStack - a platform for image processing and analysis

This work is supported by NIH Grant RR07801 and RFBR grants 09-04-001590-a, 08-04-00712-a, FASIE Contracts (№14069) and Research Scholarship (2009, 2010) of Science Committee of the St.Petersburg Government


ProStack provides flexible and convenient platform for processing of experimental images. It implements various image processing methods as separate modules. Several modules can be joined in a complex image processing scenario by use of a graphical user interface and the intermediate results can be visualized during the workflow enactment. The designed workflow can be saved as a complex program module and re-used in other workflows.

Due to an open architecture ProStack can be easily integrated with any package for image processing. Currently we have integrated ProStack with the Ontology of image processing methods, what simplifies the selection of an appropriate method, as well as with the Matlab Image Processing Toolbox.

ProStack is scalable and supports distributed processing and analysis of data.

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