FlyEx Database
A Database of Segmentation Gene Expression in Drosophila
FlyEx stores quantitative data on gene expression in segmentation genetic network in fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.

Copyright notice

These images are copyright Maria Samsonova and John Reinitz. Some images are copyright David Kosman. The images of gene expression patterns at the RNA level, as well as the embryos stained for HKB, are copyright Johannes Jaeger. Permission is granted under Creative Commons license to use images and data in any form and in any media whatsoever, so long as the FlyEx database is acknowledged. We welcome the use of of FlyEx data in educational projects and scientific publications. Because FlyEx is supported by the US NIH, our ability to maintain this resource is directly related to scholarly citations. If you use FlyEx data in a scholarly publication, please do not merely acknowledge us, but cite us in an appropriate manner: this will help keep FlyEx functioning.
Please note that any of conditions of the license can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.


The design of the FlyEx database is supported by awards from the Center for Research Resources of the NIH, grant RR-07801


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